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Helping You to Find Love

Everyone desires love and so there will always be persons who need help finding their ideal match. Professional Matchmakers are experts who help people to find love by getting to know their clients one-on-one, coordinating first dates, and guiding them through the process of finding the right relationship.  

Forty & Beyond Matchmaking services are for singles - 40 years and older -  who are seeking a companion and do not feel comfortable posting a profile online for everyone to see. It offers professional guidance and a discreet way to meet compatible people, without having to put yourself out there online, which can expose you to unwanted attention of others.  For some persons, the thought of getting hundreds of letters or texts from persons who are undesirables can be frightening.  Our matchmaking services also offer a more targeted search – looking for specific qualities and carefully screening each potential match. 

At Forty & Beyond Matchmaking Club, finding love begins with us. We understand that it can be difficult to find someone with whom you share similar backgrounds, goals and beliefs. Regardless of who you may be looking for, we want to help you find the love of your life.  

Forty & Beyond Matchmaking Club is a unique matchmaking club that believes that persons with compatible characteristics – if matched together – will have a satisfying relationship. Our personalized system matches persons using a personality compatibility technique.  To assist you with your quest for love, our professional Relationship Coach and Matchmaker, who is a trained Associate Counseling Psychologist, will offer guidance on relationship and personal issues.  Once a match is found, she will be available for consultation to help the couple through their journey. 

At Forty & Beyond Matchmaking Club, we believe in confidentiality so your information will only be shared when we believe that we have found a suitable match and there is mutual consent. We will then arrange for the initial meeting. Our Relationship Coach/Matchmaker also provides relationship guidance to couples whose relationships have lost “that loving feeling” or may need to “spice things up”. Do not allow your relationship to fall apart, save it while you are still able to, if it is important to you.   

There are certain requirements to become a member.  

You MUST be 40 years and older to be eligible for our matchmaking services.    

You should be honest, live your life with morals, values and integrity.  

You should NOT be married, living in a common-law situation or with your ‘ex’.  

Divorce proceedings MUST be final.   

To begin your journey, send us an email or call today to request a private consultation. Make an investment in your life, you deserve to be happy. 

Email:  info@fortyandbeyondmatchmaking.ca

 Call: 1-437-777-2953 

Our Matchmaker

Our Matchmaker, Olive Patricia is a  Matchmaker and Relationship Coach with  training  in Counselling Psychology.  She's the  author of two books (about to be published) and  a published magazine - Intimate Moments.

Whether matching persons, coaching couples and individuals, broadcasting relationship information on radio and television, or speaking engagements in churches or other gatherings, she is passionate  about promoting everlasting love.

Olive Patricia has successfully helped many persons to find their soulmates, and has also provided relationship guidance to couples whose relationships have lost "that loving feeling", or needed  to "spice things up".  She believes that everyone has their perfect match, and this can only  be attained if persons with compatible characteristics and interests are matched together.  Also, and more importantly, when Christ is made the center of the relationship.  That is why she's so  passionate about helping persons to find their right match, and so gives 100% personalized service to every client.

Olive Patricia knows what it takes to create a lasting and meaningful relationship. She would love to help you!

You may request a FREE 20 minute phone consultation on relationship issues with Olive Patricia. Send your request to olive@fortyandbeyondmatchmaking.ca

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What We do

 We partner with you to achieve dating success through making introductions to matches who meet your expectations, arranging dates and providing you the feedback, tools, and techniques you need to be successful on your dates. 

We pre-screen all of our clients so that you are meeting authentic matches who know their hearts and what they are looking for. 

How It Works 

Step 1  

The process begins with a request from you for our service. An interview via video conferencing or phone is scheduled.

Step 2  

Meet with you for a 60-minute in-depth interview in which information is gathered about you and who you are looking for. A Personality Profile is then created. 

Step 3

Our database will be reviewed for possible matches.  

Step 4  

When a match is available, both parties will be advised and arrangements will be made for your first meeting.  

 How Introductions Are Handled 

Once a potential match is identified, both parties will be contacted and BRIEF information and contact details will be shared. After the first meeting, both parties should call to give an individual feedback. How we proceed will be based on the feedback. 

The introductions that we arrange for you are truly “blind” dates. Neither you nor your date is given full information about the other before you meet. You may find this surprising, but it actually works quite well. Clients who have tried meeting this way say they prefer it, as it allows them to truly “discover” their dates.  

Additional Services Available 

As a client of Forty & Beyond Matchmaking Club, you have the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions to address your personal questions and concerns. These sessions are done by appointment only. 


There are certain requirements to become a member.  

  • You MUST be 40 years and older to be eligible for our matchmaking services. 
  • You should be honest, live your life with morals, values and integrity.  
  • You should NOT be married, living in a common-law situation, or with your ‘ex’.  
  • Your divorce MUST be final. 

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Regardless of who you are looking for, let us help you to find the love of your life. Hiring a professional matchmaker isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for something serious, and you have the money and the patience, it may be for you.  

Are you ready for love?   



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